Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunny Business

     My daughter works in a rehabilitation center. As she was going about her duties yesterday morning, she passed a gray-haired woman in a wheelchair propelling herself rapidly through the hallway with an empty Easter basket clutched between her teeth.

     “Out collecting eggs this morning?” she asked the woman as she entered her room a few minutes later.

     “No,” the older woman responded with her usual abrupt manner, “I was delivering them.”

     It turns out the unit secretary keeps a ceramic bunny dish on her desk this time of year. It is usually empty because her candy disappears so quickly she cannot afford to keep it filled. In the early hours of the morning, before the secretary’s shift began, the old woman had filled the dish with jellybeans, Cadbury minis and chocolate bunnies. My daughter passed her in the hallway while she was making her getaway.

    Medical care facilities are often filled with cranks, grumps and melancholics. It is natural and understandable because many of them are suffering. But there are also those special people who, despite their own difficult circumstances, reach out to others.

     And there are some folks who just make you smile.

Bunny dish by a. speer studio 

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