Monday, August 31, 2015


     My husband travels with his own noise canceling headphones, so the headphone covers he receives with his toothpaste, travel socks and eye mask on the airplane are superfluous. I do my best to avoid pitching perfectly good paraphernalia into the dust bin, and I think my stick man from Ikea looks dashing in his new repurposed beret...

      But what do I do with nineteen of these?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


     She is waiting to greet you as you approach my front door. But she is small and her voice is so soft that I am the only one to notice. No matter, she is not offended. As much as it is in her nature to be small and quiet, she also greets life with a giggle.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Case in Point

     I gave my granddaughter, Girly-bird, a picture book for her ninth birthday. She told me she is getting too old for such books. I assured her one is never too old for picture books.

     Case in point: I received two picture books for my birthday this year. I was given The House that Mouse Built from my live-in daughter. I follow Maggie Rudy's blog, Mouses Houses. The world she has created for her little mice and photographed for her books and blog is clever and delightful.

     And I also received Journey by Aaron Becker from Punkybean, Girly-bird's five-year-old sister. It is a wordless book and requires simply an imagination to read. Journey is a Caldecott honor book and the first in a trilogy of magical adventures.

     Picture books are a unique expression of art and literature and these two will find a home on my bookshelf with the other fifty or sixty that I own. The idea when I began buying them many years ago was to have a collection ready for the day when I had grandchildren to read them to; but I sometimes sit down and read them to myself. As I said: never too old.