Monday, July 9, 2012


A door closes...


The kindliest thing God ever made,
His hand of very healing laid
Upon a fevered world, is shade.

His glorious company of trees
Throw out their mantles, and on these 
The dust-stained wanderer finds ease.

Green temples, closed against the beat
Of noontime's blinding glare and heat,
Open to any pilgrim's feet.

The white road blisters in the sun;
Now half the weary journey done,
Enter and rest, O weary one!

And feel the dew of dawn still wet
Beneath thy feet, and so forget
The burning highway's ache and fret.

This is God's hospitality,
And whoso rests beneath a tree
Hath cause to thank Him gratefully.

Theodosia Garrison, 1874-1944

...A window opens


  1. Trees.
    Few things I love more.

  2. We could use some mature trees in our neighborhood but alas it is a young one and our winds on the prairie are strong and severe. Our Little House stands unshaded.