Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blah Blah Blogging - What I Ate for Lunch on Thursday

     On Thursday morning, as I was making the bed, the telephone rang. Lo and behold, it was the Townhouse Café calling to say their chef was making cream of celery and apple soup that day! Four months earlier I had put my name on a list for cream of celery and apple soup fans. At last the anticipated day had arrived. I was told that if I couldn’t make it in that day, I could still have some of the specialty soup on Friday even though it wouldn’t be on the menu. For a moment I was conflicted: Should I go eat soup with the vulgar herd on Thursday, or wait and sup with the privileged few on the following day? I decided to shove vanity aside and go for the sure thing. He who hesitates could end up soupless.

     I find it intriguing that so many folks in the blogosphere want to show me photos of what they have eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now here I am sharing my lunch with you. Sort of. You don't get to taste it; you just get to see how pretty it was and imagine how good it might have tasted. I can't even give you the recipe because I don't have it myself. All I can tell you is that it had celery, apples, garlic, cream and white wine in it and that it was lip-smacking delicious–I would have wiped the empty cup with my fingers and licked them if there had been no one to see me do it. I paired my serving of soup with an apricot chicken salad sandwich and terra chips made from root vegetables. Perfect. I'm not a soup sommelier, but I am beginning to feel like one. And I am convinced that if you cannot sit across the table slurping a cup with me, you will still enjoy my cream of celery and apple soup vicariously by looking at my photos and reading about it.

     After all, as it says in my by-line, "a pleasure shared is a pleasure multiplied..."

     Or is it?

     You may find this all so blah blah blasé, jaded by the plethora of food posts in the blogosphere. You may be critiquing the quality of the photo my daughter took with her phone or my blog format. You may even feel slighted that I didn't invite you to lunch. On the other hand, you may feel so inspired by my zest for cream of celery and apple soup and my description of it that you run to the grocers, buy the ingredients I've mentioned and figure out how to make it yourself. If you do, could you send me a photo and the recipe?

     And I am not really sharing my lunch with you, am I? I'm sharing an experience. To those of you who are passionate about food, that could be just as interesting as the time I was kidnapped by pirates and returned home wearing an eye-patch. Arrrgh!


  1. This post made me hungry, made me laugh, intrigued me (how did they make this delicious soup?)and I enjoyed your lunch vicariously.I am going to make sure your oldest brother reads this post and tries to figure out how to prepare the soup for me.

  2. I'm most amused by your inner conflict about the timing of the soup consumption. What heightened sensibilities our society surely has!

  3. I will patiently await the post where you tell of inviting the pirates to eat apple and celery soup with you ; )

  4. I have been trying to figure out the recipe as I read the post but I need more about the spices. Would there be a hint of curry? I had a soup like that once it was to die for . What a great challenge for all us foodies. Thanks Sis!

  5. I'm much more intreguied by the chicken apricot sandwich. Will be attempting that in the near future.