Thursday, March 7, 2013


     I was editing last week’s Wordless post when this little child of a poem skipped up and tagged me. I chased it till I ran out of breath.


Oh, the moments
How they fleet
Up and down the windy street

Chasing rainbows
In the rain,
Weaving daisies in a chain

Gentle nights to
Count the stars,
Catching fairies in a jar

Sweeping leaves
Into a heap
Close your eyes and take a leap

Hold a snowflake
Breathe a cloud
Singing carols for a crowd

Rock a baby
Wipe the tears
Fingerprints and chocolate smears

Chase the hours
Catch the day
Hold the years before they fade

Oh, the moments
How they fleet
Wrapped inside a winding sheet

                                                                           ~ Nib of Nib's End ~

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