Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Thought

When I look into a glass
     Myself's my only care;
But I look into a pool
     For all the wonders there.

When I look into a glass
     I see a fool;
But I see a wise man
     When I look into a pool.

Poet and artist are unknown to me


  1. The lines and the art work are beautiful. Did you post this for its beauty or does it have an extra meaning? A line from some poem I read came to mind for me when I read this, something about "peeling my likeness from the mirror". Very vague, I know, but I copied it out somewhere so it must have reached me at the time. Now I have to find it again!

    Your post is lovely, whatever it meant to you. The illustration under your archives of the pied piper reminds me of illustrations I've seen in old magazines by Maginel Wright--probably spelling her first name wrong but she was the sister of Frank Lloyd Wright. I have one old magazine with a cover by her that reminds me of yours.

    1. When I read this poem I am reminded of the story of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool and died of unfulfilled love. I especially like Caravaggio's painting of it. I am also reminded of portions of the Bible: the first two lines of each stanza remind me of James 1:19-27; and the second two lines remind me of a piece of poetry written in Job 26:7-14.

      The details of the painting are incredible and I wish I could share with you the artist's name. Perhaps someone will see this and enlighten me. I like to imagine that some of the ladies are merely admiring their own images in the pool while others are mesmerized by the wonders of creation.

      The pied piper illustration is by Margaret Evans Price.

    2. I've written down the Bible verses to read. Thank you for explaining more!