Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Too spare
Too bare
Not much stuff on there

I can see the table
Looks a little nude
Add another doodad
There is too much room for food

Sofa’s lacking something
Needs a cushion more
If it gets too crowded
You can sit here on the floor

Now to mention bedclothes
Pillow count is low
Only two for sleeping?
Should have eight or nine for show

Build a special cupboard
For the amplitude
Stashing for a rainy day
Or another change of mood

                                                                      ~ Nib of Nib's End ~


  1. I need to keep this poem close or memorize it. I especially love the line "build a special cupboard for the amplitude". Hmmm, gotta clean out the storage room and have a garage sale, soon !

    1. Ah, you found me out. I have been sorting through the basement in preparation for another garage sale next weekend, muttering under my breath as I go. While my decorating has been described by some as "lovely but a little spartan", my basement and certain cupboards do not reflect my style. Simplify! has become my motto these last few years and inspired the poem.

  2. Oh, you would not like my house! But after just visiting Becky at Abbey Style I am seriously wondering why I have to have so much stuff. And now your picture and poem is like a second message. We'll see. I have to admit I wonder how some sofa's in magazines can be sat on, without holding a few pillows in your lap.