Friday, November 29, 2013


     It wasn't the deep-fried turkey that did it. Nor was it the cornbread stuffing, potatoes or gravy. And the pecan rugelach and chocolates went down easily enough. But afterward, when the feasting was over and the dishes were washed, as she battled the electric powers of young superheroes Flash and Misty in the basement, it suddenly occurred to her: Tentacle Woman needs a Tums.

illustration by Omar Rayyan  


  1. Now there, I bet you loved every minute of it. I thought I was going to need a Tums when the dishwasher broke on Thanksgiving Day morning but it turned out that my husband and I had some nice conversations as he washed and I dried all day long. He does have dishpan hands today and probably will need a Tums after the repair man told him he has to order a $300 motor.

  2. Now, is a Tums a Rennie, my dear? I find a small glass of creme de menthe often does the trick.