Monday, May 19, 2014

Fodder for Trader Joe's

     To celebrate national poetry month in April, our local Trader Joe’s ran a contest. The challenge was to write a haiku on the subject of food, and the winner would receive some treats from the store. I don’t write haiku poetry, but the word treats was incentive enough to try, so I wrote seven. I thought my enthusiasm might grab the judges' attention. It didn’t. I even wrote the poems for some of their products I use regularly. I waited for weeks to hear from the store, but they never called. Now that my balloon has burst, I am sharing my haiku with you.

Ripe plums on a tree
Plucked from boughs of harmony,
Toothsome poetry:

Dark chocolate bite,
Kiss of bliss and caramel.
Give us a buss, dear

Drink Orangina.
A rose by another name
Sips O-rahn-gi-nah.

Double Gloucester cheese
Dubbed with spring onions and chives
Beknight a Cotswold.

Sprouted grain toast is
The most I can boast about
Breaking bread greenly.

Baby bagels broiled
Brown and bubbly with butter
And sweet cinnamon.

Asleep in the mud,
The humble, sightless brown spud
Sighs with dreams of fries.

     I have no delusions of grandeur; I am fully aware these culinary haiku are not rare bits of genius, but if you were a judge, which would you choose?


  1. Even though your culinary haiku did not capture the judges' attention, your poem about bagels made me crave one!

  2. I love the dark chocolate bite and am getting in my car to go to Trader Joe's :)