Friday, November 21, 2014

Moss Balls

     Midst all of the parcels coming to the house from my online Christmas shopping, I received one unexpected package. A box from Cedar Pond is always welcome and usually contains an offering from the bounty of the small gentleman’s farm my brother and sister-in-law own. Among other things inside my box, were three, wool-felted balls made by my sister-in-law from the shearings of her Jacob sheep. In her note she said: "I've included some moss-covered felted balls. I remember you saying you preferred them without adornment. Anyway, they're always good to use as dryer balls after the grandchildren throw them around the house."

     I don't remember saying I preferred them without adornment--although it sounds like me. I have a well-earned reputation for being a difficult woman to buy gifts for. I don’t mean to be difficult, and I hope that I am never ungracious, but I do have very particular tastes.

     All the more reason why I am so delighted when someone gives me a gift that I truly love. And I do love my new mossy wool-felted balls. They are a treasure to me on many levels, not least of which is the thoughtfulness that went into the making of them. Needless to say, I will not be using them in the dryer, and the grandchildren have plenty of other things to toss around the house. Instead, they are nesting in a wooden bowl on an end table and bleating little words of encouragement to my monochromatic sitting room.

     As I am a dyed-in-the-wool a pleasure shared is a pleasure multiplied kind of girl, I wanted to share my treasure with you, so that you could enjoy it vicariously.

     I am so pleased with my moss balls that I invited one to tea. Thank-you for your kindness to me, Kathy. You are more sister than law can make you.


  1. Thank-you Nib, what a sweet surprise to see this post. I am glad you like them. Your kind words make my heart glad.

  2. I love the color she used on these, and I have never seen any of her unadorned wool-balls before, they are beautiful. This one by your Teacup looks especially friendly.

  3. Love your last sentence...and your good taste :)

  4. Since I have never seen them adorned, in fact I have never seen moss balls before. To me, how love has adorned them in your post makes them the most beautiful moss balls I will ever see! The beauty of descriptive writing.