Friday, December 19, 2014

Chasing Super

     Sometimes I wake in the morning feeling like Superman's grandma.

     I saw these chocolate caramel marshmallow pops on Pinterest and thought they would make a fun table treat for the grandchildren on Christmas. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like Supergrandma, ready to tackle those haystack cookies that have eluded me in past years, and to make four marshmallow pops. Easy. I knew I could have it done by noon and spend the afternoon catching up on ironing.

     The haystack cookies came off without a hitch except that I hadn't read the recipe through to the part that says they need to be stored in the refrigerator. I put them in a box and stored them in the garage, because there was no room for them in the fridge with the Christmas ham hogging most of the extra space. Sometimes it is a perk to live in a climate that drops below freezing in winter--refrigeration au naturel.

     On to the chocolate caramel marshmallow pops. I bought Jumbo marshmallows and decided to make my own caramel from scratch because the store bought ones just don't taste like caramel anymore. I have a really good recipe from one of my sisters that is not difficult to make. The candy cooked up beautifully, but I accidentally flipped the whisk out of the pan while I was stirring and splattered hot caramel all over the floor and the front of my clothes, and burned my forearm.

     When the crisis was over, I dipped the marshmallows-on-a-stick into the carmel sauce and placed them on waxed paper to cool. Thirty minutes later, when I came back to make the chocolate, I couldn't pry the marshmallows off the waxed paper. Well, I tried my best, but it mangled the marshmallows. I guess I should have buttered the paper. There was nothing in the five recipes I looked at that said I should grease the paper, but they all used cheap caramels which, apparently, do not stick. Needless to say, the Mangled Jumbo Sans Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Pops went into the kitchen garbage can.

     In my ill-judged attempt to leap tall buildings in a single bound, I had skipped breakfast and lunch and sustained myself on licks of caramel and a handful of peanuts. By two o'clock in the afternoon I was flagging and the ironing pile was untouched. I sat down to eat a plate of scrambled eggs and to take stock of my failure.

     The upshot of it all is that I remembered I am really more of a Clark Kent mild-mannered reporter kind of cook and entertainer, and I am fine with that. It's too exhausting chasing super. Besides, I make a good Snickerdoodle.


  1. Oh, my, how I recognize myself in this, except that being diabetic I would never ever skip breakfast. But even at my advanced age I still have visions of being Superman/mom/grandma, when it is indeed Clark Kent, or his earth mother that I am.

    Weren't they salvageable at all? As topping for ice cream? I loved reading this, but then we all love hearing that we're not the only ones who sometimes goof. I love Snickerdoodles!

  2. Snickerdoodles are good. Just sprinkle them with some colored sugar or frost them and any kid ( or your brother ) will love them !

    Your big brother was laughing as he read this post, thank-you for making him happy. Plus, I now have this vision of you in serious dark glasses as you bake.

  3. You have expanded my horizons, dear Nib, and that is not something I say lightly. I shall add Snickerdoodle to my recipe book, next to the special cupcakes.

  4. Giggling in thing we should definetly not do cook! This sounded so familiar..especially the missing the last detail of the recipe. You had me laughing, I needed that! Love snickerdoodles...especially the store bought kind. ;) Happy Christmas!!

  5. Such a cute story, caped one!!! I know how you feel. This year, I attempted a SIMPLE recipe with good success...Sinful Saltines! On a layer of saltines (aluminum foil underneath), I poured a frothy, bubbly pot of 2 sticks of butter and a cup of sugar, spreading it evenly over the crackers. Into the 350-degree oven for 10-12 min. until golden brown. Sprinkle a bag of chocolate chips and smooth evenly as they melt :) Pop into the frig for a couple hours. Cut into squares. Best to store in freezer before serving.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!