Monday, January 19, 2015

The Passenger's Photo Album - Arctic Circle

Window Seat in the Arctic Circle

     My husband's career takes him all over the world. He spends so much time traveling that I have hashtagged him #ThePassenger. He isn't on Facebook or Twitter, and he doesn't blog or keep a journal, but he enjoys documenting his travels with snapshots. I am constantly editing the photos I store on my computer, but he saves every single one of his. I seldom go with him, but I share in his experiences through his photographs. Over the years he has recorded some interesting shots.

     May I share some of them with you?


  1. wow! would love to see more! I can't imagine seeing this in person! truly word-stealing.

  2. Unbelievable photograph, one that should be on a book jacket at least.

    I found your very nice comment a few minutes ago in my email and immediately hit publish! Yes, I stopped blogging for a month, missed the creative process so much that I began a new one, and for 11 months posted without turning on comment option. I think it took that long before I felt I could trust myself to begin comments again without letting it be my reason for getting up in the morning!

    But I have continued to read your delightful posts, could not help myself. You still pack more into a few lines than I can in pages. I must work on that!

    Lovely to connect again,

  3. Awe-inspiring photo! Dare I say "awesome"? Would love to see more of hubby's adventuresome photos :)