Tuesday, February 3, 2015


     I heard my new wind chime calling me outdoors, so I grabbed my camera and coat and went out into the windy sunlight to look for chiaroscuro. It was everywhere, long blue ribbons of it spilling across the garden and pooling in the hollows. I wandered the neighborhood shooting shadows and snaring light, and then dragged home a brace or two to share with you.

Stalking Shadows

Sugarplum Dreams

Ironic Illumination

Rooted in Reflection

     There is a quality of light in winter that feels like twilight but lasts the whole day through. It is present even at noon. The slant of the sun. The shape of shadows as they lean away from the light. Chiaroscuro. It bewitches me.


  1. Snow and shadows - a magical combination. Sometimes the snow is blue with cold, other times sparkling with diamonds and sometimes pink when it catches the sunset. You have captured it beautifully.

  2. I googled the title after I read this:) a new word for me and I love it! This line as well, which I read and re-read...'There is a quality of light in winter that feels like twilight but lasts the whole day through.'

    You have put into words the feelings I often have when looking at winter's shadow-scape! thank-you.

  3. Hello,

    Outdoors light and shadow and indoors smoke and mirrors......Winter Is made of this.

    Your photographs capture the brilliance and contrasts of sun and shade and they are beautifully complemented by your well chosen words.

    Chiaroscuro.....how it reminds us of Venice. That magical city where light plays endless patterns on the lagoon and shadows hide so many mysteries.

    We have loved this post.

  4. Our Western European shadows pale and falter compared with these confident specimens.

  5. Beautiful in pictures & words .

  6. Dear Dr End thank you for calling by. It is a pleasure to visit you at leisure in your own home, rather than passing by hurriedly in the street with a brief wave. I am a shadow collector and yours are amongst the finest.

  7. I just finished a novel that featured the word chiaroscuro twice. Never heard or read the word before and in one month see it in print 5 times ( not counting my comment ). Glad I knew what it meant after reading your post, otherwise I would have had to resort to using my dictionary.

  8. Ahhhh, sweet memories of the shadows on the snow...I never realized they were so blue before seeing your bewitching pictures. Thank you for this lovely series of lights and darks to take to my bed tonight...good night, sweet blogging friend :)