Friday, August 7, 2015

Case in Point

     I gave my granddaughter, Girly-bird, a picture book for her ninth birthday. She told me she is getting too old for such books. I assured her one is never too old for picture books.

     Case in point: I received two picture books for my birthday this year. I was given The House that Mouse Built from my live-in daughter. I follow Maggie Rudy's blog, Mouses Houses. The world she has created for her little mice and photographed for her books and blog is clever and delightful.

     And I also received Journey by Aaron Becker from Punkybean, Girly-bird's five-year-old sister. It is a wordless book and requires simply an imagination to read. Journey is a Caldecott honor book and the first in a trilogy of magical adventures.

     Picture books are a unique expression of art and literature and these two will find a home on my bookshelf with the other fifty or sixty that I own. The idea when I began buying them many years ago was to have a collection ready for the day when I had grandchildren to read them to; but I sometimes sit down and read them to myself. As I said: never too old.


  1. my latest addition is a picture book about the life of e.e. cummings.
    it was a gift from a dear blogging friend who knows i love his work.
    and i too follow maggie's blog. i just find her mouse world enchanting!
    i also love the toot and puddle books by hollie hobbie. especially... 'i'll be home for christmas."
    i must find 'journey' now. i know i'll want to add it to my library. i have many children's books. the art alone is always a treasure.
    because ... as you say... "never too old."

  2. I love these too, and my bookshelves are full of books I bought for the very same reason you state. I still sit down and re-read the books I bought with grandchildren in mind. Treasures for all of any age.

  3. Oh I love these too I am always on the lookout for picture books. I will have grandchild soon to share with that will be fun. Enjoy your books. Hug B

  4. I have bought many more picture books since my children grew up than I ever did when I was reading to them. Some of the newly purchased books, which are usually not brand new, I am content to give to the grandchildren. But the older I get, the more I appreciate a good fairy tale or well-illustrated modern story, and I keep them for myself. Thanks for sharing!