Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Sprats

Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife could eat no lean
And so betwixt the two of them
They licked the platter clean.

     I don't like bacon...except for the crisp, buttery bits at the ends and between the meat. My husband, on the other hand, loves bacon, especially the thick, chewy, meaty parts. It works well for us on the occasional mornings when we fry up a few strips to go with our eggs and toast for breakfast. I tear off the lean, jerky-like pieces of my bacon meat to give to my husband, and I often return to the table from rinsing a teacup or pouring a glass of orange juice to find a few choice tidbits of melt-in-your-mouth friable fat on my plate.

     As I am often on the lookout for the gifts to be found in the commonplace and ordinary, I think it is sweetly romantic that my spouse shares the best of his bacon with me.


  1. there is so much more said in that simple gesture, than, 'want some bacon?'

  2. I tear off the pieces that you do but not to eat, to throw away! My husband usually fixes the breakfast meat while I do the eggs and toast, etc. and he knows that for my daughter and me he has to cook our bacon so that it will shatter when bit.

    Thank you, dear Nib's End authoress, for your contribution to the post I did on September college dreams!