Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The London Doorknob

     You will, of course, want to see what I did with the doorknob that I bought in Nottinghill when I visited this spring. I hung it in my kitchen beneath the painting of the coffee cup. Some mornings, as I sit at the breakfast table with my tea and toast, I imagine I can just turn that handle and walk through into Westminster. Sigh.

     Perhaps I will find a spare tesseract or mislaid Babylon candle when I go down to clean the basement.


  1. Go ahead, turn the doorknob and let me follow you into the wonderful world of your imagination.

  2. That is an elegantly simple little doorknob. It reminds me of one that might be on the bathroom door in that hotel that Miss Marple like to stay at....senior memory fails me at both the book and the hotel name. Aren't they the same?

    Anyway, how smart of you to think of putting it in your kitchen--and I loved the way you described to me the things in your kitchen that you love, in a comment to me!

    I just fell in love with another kitchen, not one on a blog. I just watched a movie called In the Bedroom with Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson--hope I've got their names right, should have googled it. Her kitchen has to be one of my favorites ever. Have you ever seen the movie? He certainly deserved the Oscar he won for it but it was Sissy's odd little pretty kitchen that I lost my heart to.