Monday, January 11, 2016


Faithful to her resolve to drink more chocolate this year, she poured herself another cup.


  1. not at all what I expected when I read the title...Way better!

  2. I approve of your resolution and love your new hairdo!

    1. If you mean the new profile pic, you are a dear. That's me first thing in the morning writing a blog post over breakfast. Since then, I have grown out my bangs, added layers and forced myself to use product. Also, in order to overcome some of my fussy tendencies I have given myself an irregular part. Go Nib!

    2. Product. Such an important part of a new hairdo. And I must get some of whatever it is that Stevie applies to give my hair that silky look, although I suspect her talent with the brush and dryer is something I'm lacking.

      Just had to pop back and say you got it right, Alex and Melissa are now loving living in Chicago. What an exciting experience it will be for them! I'm sorry, there is no prize for the correct answer--I should have thought of one, shouldn't I?