Thursday, June 2, 2016



We have climbed higher than the peak of the Greeks
and left Olympus in the shade
of our doric deeds.
No need to plead the Panoply
for favor;
Psyche is the only queen we do allow
Carouse with her issue
Swell her sanctum sanctorum with our progeny
Render casual oblations of blood.
Ah, but we are cozened;
It is our own heart’s juice we sprinkle on the
altered altar of indifference.

                                                                 ~ Nib of Nib's End ~

    It is possible that many who read this poem will not understand my allusions to ancient Greek mythology and culture, in which case, my symbolism may then be too obscure to appreciate its meaning. This is a poem about abortion and infanticide, a deeply felt grief I carry in my heart for our nation. I suppose it could set off a firestorm of opinions both informed and uninformed dueling for preeminence, but that is not my intention.

     I had this seed of a feeling, that budded into a thought, that blossomed into a poem I couldn’t ignore. In the end, it ripened into a blog post. It is the nature of inspiration.

     "I believed the poets; it is they who utter wisdom from the central deep, and, listening to the inner flow of things, speak to the age out of eternity."

                                                                        ~ James Russell Lowell ~


  1. 'the altered altar of indifference' powerful indeed.
    While the depth of this poem most likely evades me there is great power in the symbolism that I did grasp!

    My two little ones I am babysitting today are asleep right now. Sometimes, as they stir me to laughter that bubbles right from the tips of my toes, I am almost instantly moved to tears for those whose innocent sweetness was snuffed from being.

    I also believe those things that James Russel Lowell believes. This reminds me to look up the poem What Is So Rare As A Day in June! We are enjoying one of those days today.

  2. Wow, while reading (and trying to understand)your poem, I felt my brain glad you explained it for people like me who have brain freeze...a state of indifference? head in the sand caused by the constant beat of visual and verbal pounding of pundits, politicians, and poop-y people? I find myself turning to The Priests'...a musical beat that lifts me from the terrors of the day.
    I will read your poem again and again. What a brilliant mind you have!