Sunday, December 11, 2016

Jack Frost

     I have been waiting patiently for my fairy godmother to charm my fine pumpkin into a twinkler for the holiday table. Meanwhile, Jack Frost has passed through the back garden and taken some pains to claim it for himself.


  1. You might carve out a hole in the top big enough for a fat candle? Or an ice candle. Splendid pumpkin!

    1. Ah yes, ice candles. Yours are lovely, by the way. I make one craft each year in December; perhaps an ice candle will make it into a blog post.


  2. thought you might enjoy today's YDP (Your Daily Poem)

    Madison Julius Cawein

    Magician he, who, autumn nights,
    Down from the starry heavens whirls;
    A harlequin in spangled tights,
    Whose wand's touch carpets earth with pearls.

    Through him each pane presents a scene,
    A Lilliputian landscape, where
    The world is white instead of green,
    And trees and houses hang in air.

    Where Elfins gambol and delight,
    And haunt the jewelled bells of flowers;
    Where upside-down we see the night
    With many moons and starry showers.

    And surely in his wand or hand
    Is Midas magic, for, behold,
    Some morn we wake and find the land,
    Both field and forest, turned to gold.

    1. "starry showers" is a delightful image. I have my own words for the kind of snow I see outside my window: sugar snow, soapflake snow, moth snow...I will be adding star showers to my vocabulary for what falls from the sky.

  3. Seems a shame to just let it rot away -I am sure your creative mind could conjure something up to enhance it for Christmas.

    1. I agree, Elaine. In past years the squirrels have made a feast of it, which seems a fitting end since the scamps bring me so much pleasure with their antics. As they have left this one alone, I am toying with the ice candle idea that Freda mentioned.

  4. I always hated to banish the pumpkins in December, and sometimes didn't. But I did exactly what you did when they began to look a little too un-Christmasy, put them outside under a tree that I could see from a glass door. And always counted it a treat when they became snow-capped overnight!