Friday, August 16, 2013

Imperial Visit

     Imperial visit. It conjures fascinating images doesn't it? But it was neither king nor queen nor any other such potentate who dropped by for a visit. It was Her Royal Majesty the Imperial Moth of the Order Lepidoptera.

     With her wings spread about her like sumptuous robes of embroidered velvet she alighted at our front door. Then she posed for our cameras with the intrinsic poise of those accustomed to high estate.

     Not a feeler flickered as we peered through our lenses and took her measure like a pack of paparazzi. With true noblesse oblige she left a gift when she departed...

...a clutch of golden eggs.


  1. You were given a gift to be able to see this beautiful creature up close. My husband loves moths but I don't believe he's ever seen this one. I hope that the eggs produce many more.

  2. I'm back today to respond to the comment you left for me because it and two others did not show up in my gmail for me to respond to that way. I could not let pass the chance to thank you for reminding me that "finding kindred spirits" in blogging is one of the blessings of blogging. I had even used a quote in an early post about not "making friends but recognizing them." That is a joy of blogging.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement.