Sunday, January 12, 2014


     Yesterday, I saw a bald eagle drifting over the forest preserve that shoulders up to our neighborhood. Even though they are supposed to favor these parts in the winter, I have never seen one in my neck of the woods. It made me feel giddy, like a child who has been given a lollipop, like the time I sighted a toucan flitting through the treetops while visiting friends in Brazil.

     What makes you feel giddy?

painting by Robert Bateman


  1. There is a place down south a bit in February and March where you can watch the eagles. We have noticed a lot more of them in the past two years. It makes me giddy also.

  2. New lambs, new chicks, newborn babies ...they make me feel giddy. Eagles actually cause me great alarm along with admiration for their beauty. Eagles carry off and consume lambs, also pet cats, puppies, small dogs, poultry. We have so many living here and their numbers are growing rapidly , yet I always marvel at seeing them. Then I run to make sure my animals & livestock are out of sight !

    1. The Marsh Hawks used to come to my bird feeder for easy pickings in the winter and early spring. I often felt torn between the two.