Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rock Paper Scissors...

     I attended a pinewood derby recently to cheer on three of my grandchildren who were competing in the race. With 68 heats to watch, many of the younger children became bored. My oldest granddaughter began playing rock-paper-scissors with a school chum. Traditional games often take on a new dimension when playing them with our Girlybird, so I wasn’t surprised when "black hole" and "dynamite" became part of the routine. I suspect she was influenced by Little Alchemy, a computer game my husband introduced to the kids over Christmas break. I watched the girls play for a while and then suggested they add fairy dust to the lineup.

     Girly’s face lit up. “Fairy dust beats all!” she declared with delight.

     “Yes,” I said, “because it's magic.” Rock, paper, scissors, dynamite, black hole, fairy dust...No contest there. Glitter in any form is an eight-year-old girl’s swank. It definitely beats all.

     Punkybean, another granddaughter, won a shiny, gold first-place trophy for her racecar in the three and four-year-old division. I suspect we owe the win to fairy dust.


  1. Most definitely the fairy dust helped. I think I'll mention this to my granddaughters.

    Congratulations to the derby winner ! Who helped her build her car ?

    1. I believe her father gave some slight assistance.

  2. Dear Nib's End,
    Super to meet you too. Loved the fairy dust but was fascinated by the previous post.
    Yes, these large houses/castles light our imagination because there is so much potential for discoveries of all sorts.

  3. It's always nice to know you've shared a little magic.