Thursday, March 5, 2015

Toast and Tea

     On this cold, snowy, early March morning when I am feeling cheated of green, I resort to toast and tea and a smackerel of silly poetry to cheer me.

Toast and tea, oh, toast and tea
Have frankly got their hold on me.
Every morn at half past eight
Toast and tea are on my plate.

Tea heats my bones in winter’s chill,
And warms the aches when I am ill.

Toast props me up for work ahead;
A brace of butter, jam and bread.

A sip of tea amid the fray
Will bolster me till close of day.

A slice of toast with chicken soup
Can remedy a cold or croup.

Toast and tea, oh, toast and tea
Have, surely, got their hold on me.
I blush to make this simple boast:
I also crave some tea and toast.

               ~ Nib, of Nib’s End ~

     I have been reading blogs with sunshine and snowdrops in them, lambing and lemon tarts. Now, the promise of warm in our own forecast makes me giddy. Can you tell?


  1. bello post; un saludo desde España.beautiful post greetings from Spain

  2. España es un país hermoso. Me encantaría visitar algún día. Jamón ibérico. Gaudi. Los majestuosos Pirineos. Castillos: la Alhambra y el Alcázar de Segovia y sus hermosas costas azules...yes, I am dreaming of Spain.

  3. Loving your mackerel of silly poetry - it made me chuckle. Love that painting too - the light of the tea service is beautiful. Have a good weekend hope you find some sun.

  4. Love your words, really and truly. :)

  5. Hello,

    Smackerels of silliness are just what are needed as we teeter on the threshold of spring. Will tea and toast push us over the edge......quite possibly!

    Wishing you happy sunny days ahead!

  6. I could use a little tea and toast myself...along with your clever words :) Think I'll get right up and make a cuppa...spring has sprung and soon we'll be sheltering from the heat...

  7. lol!! and the giddiness is spreading north of the border this week. Here in Ontario we are having our first above freezing temps of the years;-))

    Thank-you for the poetry and the smiles.