Friday, March 20, 2015

Waiting for Green...

     It seems that south of us, and west of us, and eastward across the sea, there is a waft of warm returning to the land. So I went outside to see if I could catch a whiff of spring.

     The sun was bright and the last lumps of misshapen snowmen had soaked into the ground, but the grass was still flattened by the weight of winter and was a dismal, dirty brown. The shriveled bronze leaves of the pin oaks had loosened their grip in the gusty wind and were skittering across the pavement like children let out to play. The neighborhood dogs walked past straining at their leads, sensing a change in the eager air. But the year-old nests of sticks and mud hanging in the bare trees were still empty.

     And there was no new green. No creeping, unquiet, springing of green from the ground to dispel the pall of a waxen-eyed winter. All was brown below, but there was a swag of yellow and white in the light, and the sky was a jubilant blue. I came home from my walk with a little more patience under my belt than when I had left. I wandered into the garden to linger a moment and found, to my delight, fingers of green pushing through the soil.

Ah, Spring...there you are.


  1. I can't wait to see how things have changed in my garden whilst we have been on our spring break at the coast - there is so much anticipation at this time of year whilst waiting for winter to finally loosen its grip. Here spring is finally showing her face - I do love this time of year. Your poem perfectly describes these feelings.

  2. God is so good to us. Spring , wearing her green , eventually returns bringing the joy of new life. New green , new scents, new joy !

  3. How delightful! Those three little fingers of green! Lovely description of the last of winter...

  4. I am not sure where you live but know that the weather up north has been very cold and long this year. Here in Georgia we only had one day of snow, hardly any ice (did not have to wear my winter coat yet.) Now all the flowering trees are in blooms and daffodils are covering many gardens. Soon, it will be your turn I’m confident.