Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Veterans

Homage to a Grandfather

     It has been nearly three years since my father passed away. He was a very young man when he joined the Navy and went off to fight in the Pacific in WWII.  He was understandably proud of his three grandsons (two of them pictured above) who joined the Marines and fought in Iraq.

     I went to put flowers on my parents grave last month when I went home to visit with family. They are buried together in a veterans cemetery, and there are many more headstones surrounding their plot than the last time I visited. It took my sisters and I a little longer to find it. As I read the inscriptions of their neighbors, it struck me how many wars and different branches of service are represented in that one section of the cemetery.

     To my shame, Veterans Day has, more often than not, been just another day on the calendar for me. Not any more. Since that day that I experienced the deeply moving level of respect and honor veteran strangers demonstrated toward my father at his burial, it has changed my perspective and my response.

     It is personal now.


  1. Three grandsons in the Marines! I know their grandfather must have been so very proud of their service, as all of your family must be of him. I think the greatest generation lives on.

    My father has been gone 14 years, I can hardly believe it's been that long. I still have the last fax he sent me and my sisters on Veteran's Day. He wanted to be sure we took the day seriously.

  2. Please thank your men for serving! As to your perspective changing, better late than never. So many won't/don't remember and our country is worse for it.