Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Sound of Fog

     "It's fun walking in a cloud," said our live-in daughter.  "I like the sound of it."

     We woke up to fog this morning. We seldom get it where we live, so it feels like an anomaly. I remember the moaning of the foghorns out on the Puget Sound where I grew up. To me, that is the sound of fog. But the only body of water large enough to need them where we now live is nearly an hour away.

     "What does the fog sound like?" I asked my daughter.

     "It sounds like rain...only it isn't."

     She is right.  Here, in this long pause between the cornfields and the Lake, the trees were dripping with cloud this morning.

     What does fog sound like to you?


  1. you had me with the title...and again with every line. Fog sounds like silk poetry to me;-)

  2. Ooh. I like that...I've never heard it compared to silk.

  3. " trees were dripping with cloud.." I will remember this phrase from now on. I love foggy days when I am able to stay home. Foggy days seem full of mystery and possibilities. And I too remember well the sound of foghorns when we lived near the water-front in Tacoma.

  4. I adore fog. I'm trying to think of the sound of it. I believe everything seems more hushed, similar to the quiet after a layer of snow falls. And when I imagine a foggy day I always think of foghorns.

    1. Living in San Francisco as you do, you are probably on intimate terms and would know the sound of its voice better than most.