Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Picture Gallery - For the Birds

March Wind by Amber Alexander

     They aren't the only paintings of birds hanging on the walls of my home, but they are three of my favorites, and they are all painted by the same artist: Amber Alexander. It is one of the reasons I frequent Etsy. I find unique and lovely art and crafts that I am unable to purchase locally. Each of these paintings appeals to me because of its simplicity, but also because of the personality the artist has captured in them.

     The crane in March Wind has donned her spring kerchief to keep her feathers safe from ruffling as she steps out to the market to buy a packet of pepper and string of onions for her supper of truffled smelt. She is keenly aware that her fashionable new headwrap complements the color of her eyes, but is attempting to appear as nonchalant as her sophisticated French cousins.

Raven by Amber Alexander

     I have named my Raven, Quoth. He may have his back turned to me as I come down the stairs each morning, but he sees every move I make. What secrets he may be guarding in his dark, iridescent breast I do not know, for he has never spoken of them to me.

Tiny by Amber Alexander

     On the other hand, this Tiny chap has something to say, and he will persist in saying it until I listen. It is fruitless to pretend attention while secretly calculating railway timetables or composing poetry in my head; he cannot be fooled so easily.


  1. Love the bird in the kerchief!! Adorable idea for a painting!

  2. The paintings and your perspective are equally captivating:)

  3. Those are lovely paintings - I must check out the Etsy seller to see more to admire... and acquire? Thank you for sharing your bird friends.