Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Artist

     Our artist in residence, ten-year-old Girlybird, snapped this close-up photo of a waterfall. It snares my appreciation because it distills for me, that single moment in a clamorous multitude of moments when falling water strikes solid rock in a crescendo of movement and sound like the clash of cymbals in a symphony, and then shatters into countless springing refrains.

     The suspended leap of color, light, motion and texture in this photo are like poetry to me. Oh yes, and did I mention it was my ten-year-old granddaughter who made it?


  1. What an amazing photo for a ten year old. It is poetry.

  2. Her photo is pure poetry, and so too are your words!

  3. A sure way to my heart is to compliment my grandchildren. Thank-you Joanne and Janet for indulging me.

  4. A stunning shot! Tell your grand I said so...but that I also said your accompanying words make even more of a mystery out of it. Uplifting.
    P. S. LOVE the header!!!