Saturday, October 22, 2016

Men Shout

Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889
James Ensor

Men Shout

Men shout
People turn their feet to listen
And truth is trampled in the rush to judgement.

A man shouts:
And there, beneath the wall of stone
With blindfold askew
Justice is executed.

                                                                  ~ Nib of Nib's End ~

     This poem is a result of my frustration with what I hear in the news. And whatever the artist's intent may have been, his painting reflects my view of the State of our Union.

     I, to say the least, am unhappy with my choices for the upcoming election. But I am not blaming the candidates; I believe they both represent a symptom of a much deeper problem...a problem that cannot be fixed by any political decision. So, despite my frustration, I am at peace. My hope is not in a candidate. My faith has never been in Democracy. I have put my confidence in a King of kings whose government is secure and whose reign is eternal despite how the mob may choose to represent it. 

Psalm 2


  1. I wonder what Christ thinks of Belgium now? The earth is in turmoil and in a country of 320 million, we have clowns running for the greatest office on the planet. sigh. Out of the two Presidential candidates, I will vote for Trump and for the future. He will place conservatives on the Supreme Court and, for a few decades anyway, slow the death spiral of our once great nation.
    May God have mercy and may we turn to God.

  2. Thank God that His reign is eternal!

    I was going to stay home this time until I decided to do a write-in vote for one of the good men who got passed by.

  3. I have experienced the same struggle and come to the same conclusion. Now, let's hope everyone else feels the same way.