Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Photosynthesis of Scones

     The leaves on my little pot of indoor mums were turning yellow, so I took them outside this morning for a cupful of photosynthesis. The sun laid its arm across my shoulders, friendlywise, persuading me to linger awhile and share a cup of warm as well.

     Perhaps it was that second swig of cordial, but when I went inside, drunk with blue sky, bright leaves and the cider-snap of cold in the air, my usual whole grain toast for breakfast had lost its appeal. A little intemperate photosynthesis for this potted mum was needful.

     So I made scones: weightless white flour, insubstantial sugar, pure butter baked into bites and dolloped with cream whipped into light-footed clouds, and the glad-hearted cheer of cherry jam.

     What a pleasant way to convert light into energy.


  1. I smiled through this whole delicious sun-warm post...then read it again. Perfect!
    Suddenly I am thinking fresh scones and sharp cheddar would be the perfect YUM beside the pot of supper soup presently simmering!

    Now I'm going outside to get a little ' drunk with blue sky, bright leaves and the cider-snap of cold in the air,'

    1. There are times when being a lush is permissible.

  2. You just whipped up some scones for breakfast? How I wish I'd have been there! I'd have even brought the cherry jam! And would have joined you basking in that cider autumn air.