Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pumpkin Chronicles - Epilogue

     It has been day after day of sullen gray around here. But it has also been warmer than usual with not a speck of snow to show that it is winter. It brings the squirrels out of hiding to forage for food. My lovely pumpkin collapsed in the thaw, thereby thwarting its ill-fated attempt to reinvent itself as a Cinderella coach. All is not lost. In a final gesture of friendship, it surrendered its golden aspirations to the needs of the squirrel-folk. 

     Noble pumpkin.


  1. great shots! this squirrel is thoroughly enjoying Pumpkin's final hurrah!
    It's been gray here too, The sun tried hard to make an appearance around lunch but all the air could muster was an anemic half-grin.