Thursday, March 23, 2017

Reflection on a Bridge

     I took this photo of the reflection of a red double-decker bus in the windows of Parliment as I stood on Westminster Bridge in London. I was there. In that exact spot. And even though it was nearly two years ago, after the recent terrorist attack, one cannot help but think: "It could have been me..." 

     My heart goes out to all those who are unable to say that with me. 

     I am praying for them, for the suffering of the injured and the grief of those families who have suffered irretrievable loss. I pray for all those in authority who must respond to these unconscionable deeds with resolution, discernment and a measured calm. I am also reminded to pray for my enemies, for there is no more effective tool against terrorism than a heart that has been transformed by the Gospel.


  1. I know exactly this place...have walked it...let us hope we never become hardened to these happenings. Or become afraid to walk there again...

    I've just spent the last half hour going through your past posts...catching up. Your words and pictures always give my spirits a lift. Especially loved the post about of my favorite things to do to relieve stress :) That and buying greens at Whole Foods to arrange on in glass vases.

  2. Something like that terrible time makes us all next door neighbors, doesn't it? And to have so recently been there must make it hurt even more. Your photo is instantly poignant to me so I can only imagine how you feel looking at it.