Sunday, April 2, 2017

Noble Dove

     In spring and summer these pots on my front porch are planted with ferns. I empty them in the fall to grow stars in December. Come late winter they are empty again, awaiting the spring planting. Not so this year.

     This year a mourning dove has moved in. I often think of doves as silly birds. They build silly, impossible nests. This one is just a loose handful of birch twigs laid in a flowerpot. If not for the paper I stuffed in the pot to hold stars, what would prevent the eggs from falling through and smashing? Surely a sudden storm could scatter the flimsy thing to the twelve winds.

     When the dove and her mate first came to stay, the least bit of commotion sent them streaking for the garage roof or safety of the birch. Then, one day shortly thereafter, nothing could move either of them as they took turns warming the nest: not a delivery man knocking on the front door, a camera pointed too close, or a rude photographer trying to shift one aside with a twig to glimpse the eggs. Early in the morning or late at night, whenever I check there is a dove sitting stoically on the nest. Courage. Faithfulness. Patience. Not so silly after all.

Noble dove.


  1. Truly a noble creature, obeying the plans of it's creator. God is wonderful and His works are marvelous. Carry on Noble Dove.

    1. You make me smile. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    2. such a lovely post and such a lovely comment. What fun to get such a close-up view!
      I like the ' I empty them in the fall to grow stars in December.' bit:)

    3. I am looking forward to growing a pair of beaky squabs in those surprising pots. They should hatch in another week or so...

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I hope their eggs hatch successfully.

  3. She's so sweet, I dearly love them but have never seen their nests. Let us know if they return for the next brood of the season.