Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rain Rain Go Away...

     It has been a hot, dry summer. I have lost patience with hand watering the shrubbery and flower beds. I have let the parsley frizzle in the herb plot and the rootbound mint wither in its terracotta pot. Only the basil receives the care it deserves. I find work to do in the shade of air conditioning. A volunteer cherry tomato vine flourishes between unkempt cracks of flagstones on the hillside beside the house, defying brassy skies and gifting my neglect with small globes of sweet red fruit. Every now and then, I give it a splash of water from the hose in gratitude.

     The tail-end of August brings us a respite of showers, and despite the tropic weight of air that can make even a mosquito sweat, I am glad. The grass is green. The young birch in the back garden has ceased scattering handfuls of yellow leaves on the lawn. The delicate impatiens spilling artfully from its broken pot no longer swoons in the late afternoon sun.

Fungus grows in unexpected places.

Rain diamonds collect on gossamer strands of web.

     Hence, I am not in accord with the weathermongers who, after only a handful of days of intermittent rainfall are already singing the tune they suppose we all wish to hear: rain, rain go away, come again some other day...

     I and my tree fairy are quite content with gray skies and raindrops on the windows.


  1. this makes me want to go and plant...a few fairies;-)

    I pine for a rainy day too! It's been hot-hot-HOT and dry! record-breaking heatwaves this year in southern Ontario!

    1. Oh dear. How are the crops? And your mammoth vegetable garden? I thought I would need to sell my shoes to pay the water bill. Blessed rain has saved my poor old feet.

  2. A perfect bit of poetic prose to describe my experience here in Iowa! Soon I will head out to Florida where it has been nothing but rain, rain, rain for a week now with the tropical depression trying to make itself into a hurricane as it crosses over the Bahamas, past Key West, and making a turn toward Tampa...hoping for a non-flooding event...

  3. I love your fairy & giggle in your tree. Reminds me of a tree I love! Great job :)

  4. I love your fairy & giggle in your tree. Reminds me of a tree I love! Great job :)