Saturday, August 6, 2016

Watch Out! There Are Trolls About!

     There were forest trees the size of giants on our vacation out west this year, and the ghosts of mountains haunted our horizons. We flitted between island and mainland on ferry wings, and I ate swordfish for the first time. Swordfish, you know, are the unicorns of the sea.

     So it seemed only natural that I should also visit a troll. This one lives under a bridge in Seattle. Thankfully, he was turned to stone a long time ago and offers no threat to either billy goats or other passersby.

I have fist bumped a Pharaoh before, but never a troll.

     The tats on this fellow are not his by choice. Some narcissistic little trolls who have not yet been turned to stone have been at work here. I saw their work in the mountain forest too, carving their names into trees so that we will never forget that trolls are, above all, despoilers.


  1. I was so frightened of even the possibility of trolls existing when I was a child and fairytales read to me. Fire-breathing dragons didn't scare me or Frankenstein when I first saw the old black and white movies, but trolls were so utterly scary.

    But I guess they don't deserve to have tats forced upon them!

  2. As a Norwegian, I'm familiar with the trolls of the father filled us with tales of tomtes, nisses, and trolls. Remember the troll trend in books a few years ago?